Jeff Jones


Jeff is Jill's son and is also one of our trainers.  Jeff started helping with the dogs while still in high school.  From the time he was small, he loved watching me train and wanted to learn himself.  After high school, he attended Clemson University, coming home on weekends to help with the dogs and the business.  Soon he realized that his heart too was with the dogs and joined us full time.

​​Jill Jones

Owner and Master Trainer

Jill is the owner and founder of Upstate Dog Training and Pet Resort.  Jill founded the business over 20 years ago after working for the postal service and finding her true love in training dogs for family and friends.  Today her hard work is evident in the success and quality services provided by her business.

Meet The Family

Hi!  I'm Jill Jones the owner of Upstate Dog Training and Pet Resort.  Over 20 years ago I started this business.  Prior to that I was working as a rural carrier for the postal service in Greer.  In the evenings I trained dogs for friends and friends of my friends, for free, because I just loved doing it.  Later I decided I had to start charging a little something simply because of all the time it was taking in my life.  I was still at the post office, but I wasn't happy because my heart was with the dogs.  My business started in my basement, which I had turned into a small boarding/training facility.  I signed up for training school to get a certification because I wanted to learn even more about dogs and training methods.  I received my Master Trainers Certification in the mid 1990's.  We outgrew the basement facility and then eventually outgrew our facility off of highway 14, and decided to build our current facility and pet resort located on highway 14 which has many more play yards and options.

We Work Together As A Team To Provide You Great Service.

Matthew Jones


Matthew, also known as "Little J" is 15 years old and is Jill's oldest grandson.  He likes to help with training and loves being able to give the dogs treats.  He enjoys just being around the dogs and likes to sit and love on them.  He also enjoys teaching our personal dogs any tricks he can.  We think he will do great if he decides to stick with the family business.

James Jones


James is 14 years old and is Jill's middle grandson.  He likes to help at the kennel, mostly he enjoys running and playing ball with the dogs.  He is the play buddy for all the animals. He also likes to greet clients as they arrive.  He also likes feeding and channeling the energy of our personal dogs.  We are excited to see what life has in store for him.

Crystal Jones


When we opened our new kennel, we naturally had an "on call" vet who would come out to do shots and check-ups.  his vet assistant, Crystal, would come with him occasionally.  After a while my son Jeff, started volunteering to take the various dogs to the vets office for shots so (as Jeff said) "the vet wouldn't have to make the trip out".  To make a long story short, that is how eventually Crystal became my daughter-in-law.  Crystal also shared our love for dogs and picked up the training very quickly.  All the dogs just love her.  Crystal has now been training for over 13 years and has a special touch with the small dogs.

Luke Jones


Luke is 12 years old and is Jill's youngest grandson.  He is an animal lover to the core.  He loves being at the kennel as much as possible.  He loves training the smaller dogs and likes to be the distraction for all the dogs.  He loves to bathe and brush the dogs.  He also loves playing ball with the dogs or just sitting and loving on them.  When he is not at the kennel you will find him training our personal dogs.  There is no doubt that he has a future in the family business.